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CZ TS Can't eject complete round 40sw - Ideas?


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I bought a CZ TS on here while back, amazing gun! It's the 40sw version and came with a 9mm barrel. 


I loaded some 40sw and was shooting today and noticed I cannot eject a complete live round without it getting caught on the slide. This happens ejecting slowly or quickly .Rounds fired and not an issue cycling. But if I were shooting a match say and they said to show clear, it's gonna hang up trying to eject a live round. 


Any ideas? Maybe they are too long? I can't remember the length but will go measure. 

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When I got my tactical sport I had to shorten up my loads, just to get them to chamber.  All those hollow points and lead bullet loads that worked so well in the P07 and P09 were too long for the TS.


The questions have been asked (plunk test results) and recommendations made (shorter overall length.


Your bullet profile may be allowing you to load out a little longer than some other bullets.  But you have to take into account what will load into and feed out of the magazine, what will function properly in your pistol and what shoots good groups - or will extract/eject from the chamber with the bullet still in the brass.


I got an XD 5" Tactical in .45 acp awhile back.  Pulled the barrel, started loading some .45 acp 230 grain LRN bullets and did the plunk test.  Got a measurement, adjusted the seating die and loaded a couple boxes for the next range trip.  Got to the range, started loading the first magazine and I could get about 4 rounds in and the 5th would get real tough.  Took a couple minutes to figure out the were bullet nose dragging on the front of the magazine.  Short enough to plunk, too long to load into the magazine.  First time I've run into that with a pistol.


They are not all identical, even if the same model and caliber.

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