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RDS for Vortex Venom/FF3 Cut?

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I got one of these Midway slides:




It says the cut is compatible with FF3s and Vortex Venom.


To be used for Open (mostly 3 gun Open).  So maybe minor 9.  Maybe not.  Pistol will be dumped/grounded into a box/table frequently.


Can you guys recommend the "best" optic for this slide cut and application? 



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Based on what I’ve seen with mount compatibility for other guns/mounts, your only options with that slide will be the Burris Fastfire 3, the Vortex Viper, and the   Vortex Venom. They’re all pretty comparable. Price will likely be similar as well.


Personally, I’m a fan of Vortex but haven’t shot anything with a Fastfire. Between the two Vortex choices, the Venom has a 3 MOA option if that matters to you and a top load battery. The Viper sits a little bit lower to the slide (easier to learn relative to irons), but only comes in 6MOA and you have to remove the optic to change the battery. I will say that I’ve changed batteries in my Viper before and seen no change in my zero when confirming it afterwards. 

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