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Ammunuition and firearms required to be in separate checked bags

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I am running into a problem with a small "commuter" airline which is now telling me that I cannot have firearms (properly cased) and ammunition (properly boxed and packed) in the same checked bag...that I must now check two bags.  Has anyone run into this.  The airline is not subject to TSA authority (a very small terminal without any TSA personnel on site) and does not post their rules regarding restricted baggage on-line.


I can attach a copy of their rules from their administrative manual and the rules from their parent company if anyone is interested.  I'm not seeing anything that implies the two-bag requirement and am awaiting a more "formal" response to my inquires.  I'm flying next weekend to a match but without ammunition.  I was almost turned away three weeks ago but found a sympathetic employee that granted me a "pass".  It would have cost me a BUNCH of $$  (air fare, hotel, rental car, match fees, etc.) if they had stayed with the original decision of the check-in staff.  I'll let everyone know how this turns out so you can plan accordingly.

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