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Cylinder stop problem


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I have a "47 vintage 5 screw Combat Masterpiece that is badly worn and needed a new stop fitted.  I bought a Powers oversize stop and have an issue.  The new one has a recess drilled into the face where the spring plunger should ride, the old one does not.  The new stop is not touched by the plunger and does not lift up to engage the cylinder.  I'm sure Carmoney or Toolguy have seen this and have a solution.  Do I need a longer spring or plunger or is it fill the recess?  Powers is closed and I'd like to get it running this weekend.



Paul Beck

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The 3 and 4 screw guns don't have a plunger, just a spring that goes in the hole. The older 5 screw (yours) has a screw in the front of the trigger guard that holds the spring and plunger that operates the cylinder stop. You need to fill up that hole to make a place for the plunger to push on. I would suggest a piece of mild steel that is a close fit to the hole, loctited in place with green #648 retaining compound, then filed to match the contours of the cyl. stop. Give the Loctite a day or 2 to cure before filing on it.

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