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Hello all,

     I am currently taking classes to earn my degree in Gun smithing. One of my first classes is basic ballistics and I have some questions I am supposed to ask a gunsmith or avid hobbiest.

Here goes....I am looking for someone to explain the following:


 wind drift




 In addition, ask this person to provide at least two examples, working through the Gunning Calculations

Can someone please help a future hopeful Gun Smith



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Trajectory = the path of the bullet - something of a parabolic arc

Wind Drift - the deflection of a bullet caused by the effect of wind pushing against it

Recoil - the opposite reaction to propelling the bullet through the bore of the gun - that force you feel in your hand or shopulder when you shoot the gun

Velocity - the speed of the bullet.

Accuracy - how repeatable the gun and ammunition are when shooting - small groups formed by shooting multiple shots represent better accuracy


What are the "GUNNING calculations"?



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I should add that the trajectory is normally with respect to the line of sight.

Wind drift depends on the time the bullet is exposed to the wind (and the angle of the wind)

Recoil is a momentum balance of the gun on one side and the momentum of the bullet and ejecta (everything going out the barrel)

Velocity is usually measured with a chronograph

Accuracy is determined by measuring the group size on the target



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Hey, at least they're not asking about spin drift, magnetic drift or coriolis forces lol.


Still, you'd think a gunsmithing college would be more concerned with interior ballistics and exterior ballistics would be an afterthought. What happens after the bullet leaves the gun is really just double checking your work :P

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After getting my bachelor's degree I used my leftover GI Bill to go to an online gunsmithing school (in hindsight I wish I would have gotten my P.M.P. but it was much more fun than that would have been) . 


I had to take several classes on external ballistics as well.  I think the ballistics classes were very useful for the classes on optics and sights and for accurizing rifles. The ballsitics classes were taught in conjunction with the series of classes dealing with accurizing rifles and the classes on optics and sights.



When you say GUNNING Calculations do you mean ballistics calculations?

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