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Tanfoglio Stock II slide for CO?


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I'm shooting Tanfoglio Stock II in Production and would like to try dabbling in Carry Optics. Would it make sense to buy just the slide and have it milled for the red dot? This way I can continue shooting Production and not lose too much if CO does not work out, since mags, belt, holster, etc. are going to be the same.


It's not clear from the EAA web site what slide should it be. They do have something called "conversion kit" that is presumably slide, barrel and recoil assembly, but it costs nearly as much as the new gun, so is not particularly attractive.


I've heard stories about Tanfoglio parts not being interchangeable so maybe that's intentional. Their customer support is not particularly responsive.

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This is the only option for Stock 2.  Not worth the money though.  No "slide only" option.  I bet if they do offer one, it's going to cost $500 a piece. 


So I ended up buying 2 whole Stock 2s and have PD cut them to run CO.   I did interchanged my Production guns' lowers to run with COs uppers.  I have old style upper + new style lower and vice versa.  No problem after thousands of rounds so far, at least for me. 

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8 hours ago, lstange said:

That's what I suspected. Were any additional slide cuts required to make the weight?


For me, I run Venom and it weighs about the same as the "super" adjustable rear sight and PD cut is pretty deep.  Grips are SSI scale 2.0.  No additional cut needed with this setup.  Weighed 44.2 oz during a level III match couple months ago. 

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