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9mm 1911 last round ejection.


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Relatively new Kimber ST2 9mm.


After a lot of feeding and ejection issues, I replaced the original FPS and extractor with an EGW FPS and Ed Brown extractor. That funny plastic block under the rear sight didn't make it back into the pistol.

Kinda' proud of myself for fitting the new extractor. Light tension, slight deflection and I reduced the hook depth to match the grooves on my brass.

Now it runs 100%. Feeds smoothly and ejects cleanly except for the last round of the mag which tends to just dribble out of the gun with lighter loads.

With no mag in place, rounds eject perfectly, about 6' away at 4 o'clock, just like normal.

Starting to think the last round is being knocked off the extractor by the magazine follower.

It's a plain Kimber 9 round mag with a flat metal follower.

Could that flat leading edge of the follower be causing my trouble?

Anyone else have last round trouble with that type of mag?

Looking to buy another mag, are there any really good flush fitting mags?

Or should I just get a top quality 10 rounder for best reliability?

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Generally the last round will eject differently than the rest.

If your gun runs good leave it.


Try it without the mag in and see where it ejects when firing a live round.

Since it sounds like you've done the appropriate tests on the extractor leave it alone.


If you slightly bevel the front of the ejector it may help, but again if the gun is running well you might just leave it and chalk it up to the last round ejects differently.

Also might barrow some other mags and see if they do the same.


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