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Barrel link pin


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There is a very simple to check if the link is too short. (main cause for broken link or link pin).


Remove the slide stop, then put the cross pin back in and leave the rest of the SS swinging.


Press the muzzle down on the floor and keep pressure on it, the SS should swing freely , if not the link is too short for the application.


NOTE : If your gun has full length dust cover, make sure only the barrel is pressed and not stopped by the dust cover.


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So you replaced the link? And followed Vma606 test?  As mentioned, it's important to make sure you maintain the pressure on the barrel.  And just to clarify, the slide stop pin should rotate (swing) around the pin axis with no side to side motion. Even if it doesn't rotate (swing) completely freely but you can easily rotate it with a gentle nudge that's okay too (the link increments are not that fine).  If this checks out then I would agree, it was probably a bad link pin.   

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