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Which gun would you guys buy, the John Wick 3 STI Combat Master $3,899 or Atlas Gunworks Titan $3,900 





Without a doubt the Atlas. Firstly, you're getting a metal grip which makes a huge difference in the muzzle lift and return to zero. For almost 4k im not satisfied with a plastic $100 grip in the STI. Also, you're getting an X-line vario trigger with the Atlas versus a $20 plastic trigger in the STI. 

Furthermore, you're getting EGW internals that Atlas uses and they match the hammer & sear to be a perfect fit.


The STI def looks cool but I wouldn't pay a dollar over 1500 for it.


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25 minutes ago, assaulter said:

Underneath the cool slide cuts I'm not aware of anything that sets it apart from any other STI.  If I was spending 4k I would just go with a full custom build with the parts and look that I want.


I think you get a little more than you would from a stock STI, but not enough to justify the cost. 


According to the site, you get:

-the slide cuts and fancy coatings

-Extreme Engineering fire control parts with a 1.75-2.5 lb pull

-Extended slide release and mag release

-Stippled grip (looks the same as the DVC series to me)

-SS guide rod (not sure what the stock guide rod would be for STI)

-4 magazines


The comparable STI would probably be the DVC-3 since the Combat Master is only available in 9mm. It’s $1k less MSRP. 

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Funny you should ask. I was going to buy the John Wick STI, but after I saw that I was going to spend that amount,  I decided to do my homework. Guess what I ended up buying? Bingo! An Atlas Titan. 😁

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how about a dawson supertuned sti dvc 3 gun if you want something a little different/nicer without a monster price tag.  the dawson supertuned eagle and brazos hp edge i have are both perfect, and my other stock sti's are pretty close.  i've seen atlases and ck's not run perfectly, so not too many brands are immune from hiccups.

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I picked up an STI "HP" Eagle in 9mm from Brazo's and found a DVC Limited locally.  They are both good guns.

As a reward to myself for meeting some personal and professional goals, I picked up an Atlas.   I had originally decided to go the Custom Titan route but after talking with Adam I decided on a Nemesis. What can I say, the guy is a good salesman.  The Nemesis has not disappointed. 


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It depends what you want to do with the gun, if you want something to use in matches then the Atlas.  However if you are going to have a safe queen in hopes the price will increase or a cool looking gun for competition then the STI.

I like flashy guns that stand out, I have a hard chrome open and a limited gun for competition, so I get it if you want something that stands out.The STI is cool looking, I would love to have one and a Glock Combat Master just because.

As far as how the guns perform, I have a open STI and my son has a open Atlas, both have been back to the builders, both shoot great so only assume the limited guns will be the same. The as far the metal grip I could take it or leave it, I have not found the metal grip to make that big of a difference to put one on mine, especially when it's cold. However the texture on his metal grip is great when your hands are sweaty. 

Whatever you get will be fun to shoot, good luck on your decision. 

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Never had an STI. Do have two Atlas Nemesis. You cannot go wrong with them or the company's customer care. Maybe there are equal guns elsewhere, I don't need to look.


Do yourself a favor and go with the Atlas. You won't regret it.

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