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I have an extra SP-01 that I’m looking to convert to SAO. Mainly looking to shoot it in Limited division of Falling Steel and some outlaw 2 gun matches. I wanted to see what you all had done with your SAO conversions. I know CZC and CGW both make SA triggers but what else have you done in addition to the SA trigger that you’ve noticed a benefit from? Swap out the hammer for one of the race hammers? Etc. 


Also, who makes the best magwell for the CZ75 frames? Would rather buy the one that requires the least amount of blending. 

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I've only converted one DA/SA CZ to SAO.  


I installed (from Cajun Gun Works) the adjustable sear, a race hammer, the reduced power trigger return spring and firing pin block spring.  I did some polishing of the sides and humps of the trigger bar.  I left the stock firing pin, firing pin return spring, hammer spring and recoil spring in place.  


I installed (from CZ USA, because it was OOS at both CGW and CZ Custom) a straight trigger.  I don't care for the one with the little forward curl/bend at the bottom.


SA trigger pull was a steady 3 lbs. with a nice repeatable "feel" to it.


I left the firing pin block mechanism operational.  A 3 lb. trigger that is nice and crisp isn't that hard with the right trigger, sear, trigger return spring and firing pin block spring.  The hammer spring has little to do with SA trigger pull.


The trigger pull could be made even lighter by more polishing, removal of the firing pin block/spring, lifting arm and lifting arm spring and requires a spacer to be installed in place of the lifting arm - or a different sear.  I like the CGW adjustable sear because it makes it quick, easy and positive to adjust for the safety with the new hammer (that has shallower hooks for the sear).  I installed a new hammer in a SA/DA CZ early on my CZ'ness and you would not believe how many times I had that left side safety lever out to remove some metal from the cam and clean it up and reinstall it and test it and then remove and repeat, over and over and over and over.  The next time I went with the CGW adjustable sear and it makes it pretty much painless.


The comment about the hammer spring not having much effect on the SA trigger pull is backed up by two SA/DA CZ's I installed new hammers on.  I left the factory springs on the hammer strut, recoil spring guide rod and firing pin return spring.  On the latest one the SA trigger pull dropped from 5 lbs. to a nice crisp 3 lbs.  The DA trigger pull was 10 lbs. before and still 10 lbs. after.

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I converted my SP-01 to SAO.  It already had the CGW Pro Package which includes the comp hammer and adjustable sear.  I removed the disco. I also removed the firing pin block and lifter arm and installed the spacer next to the sear.  The trigger pull was a little light for me, under 3 lbs.  I installed a Tanfoglio sear spring and an extra power trigger return spring and bumped it up to 3.5 lbs.  It is very crisp with no creep and quick reset.  I installed the CGW flat faced trigger with pre-travel and over travel adjustment.  I also put on the wide paddle left hand safety from CZ Custom.  I can really bear down on it to help with recoil control.

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