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new CZ Shadow 2 (CZ 75B SA topic)


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Rather than continue on my old topic, will start new here, i picked up my new CZ Shadow 2 today, going to do the normal cleaning and take it to the range and run 100 rnds thru it, so i am going to be thinking what mods are done first to make the gun more enjoyable, the way it looks now, just by a few dry fires, i will be looking into possible a lighter main spring, maybe the short connector and polish some parts and prolly leave it be for awhile. any comments



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2 minutes ago, iam_mojo said:


Will that Ultra Lite Spring Kit works with regular range ammo?

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Your going to want

11.5 and 13lb hammer springs. The 13 will set everything off with a extended firing pin

Extended firing pin with reduced power spring

Reduced power trigger return spring

Floating trigger pin (will make life much easier down the road)


The CZC hammer or the CGW hammer will get you a very light and crisp SA trigger.

Are you ever going to use the trigger in DA? If not get a SA trigger


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