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.40 S&W For Open?


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Other than a small difference in magazine capacity, what is wrong with the .40 S&W for Open? Brass is cheap and available, and it makes Major at standard pressures. A shooter who also competes in Limited then only needs one load. I'm not advocating .40, but would like to hear why much of the Open load discussion centers around 9mm Major and .38 Super, with the .40 seemingly ignored. Thanks in advance!  

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The advantages of 40 Open are straight walled case, so no ejection or mag feeding problems.  Pressure within SAAMI limits, even if you go crazy with PF.


Disadvantages are bullets cost a cent more and mag capacity is reduced by three rounds.  Many consider the reduced mag capacity a major drawback.  I don't.


You should not shoot the same load for Limited and Open.  You want a lot of slow powder for Open, so the comp gets worked.  You want just the opposite for Limited.


I have two 40 Open guns and two 9mm Open guns.  My main 40 shoots flattest.  I shot 40 Open the last two seasons.  This season I've been shooting the 9s so far.  Since I'm using 115 HAPs, the bullet cost is the same as 40.  So really, the only difference is mag capacity.  This year there was only one stage so far I could get through without a reload.  I could have with the 40, but I'd only have had one extra round instead of four.


Other club may have more shorter stages where the additional mag capacity makes a big difference.  All but one of the clubs I shoot at are limited to 5 or 6 bays.  So we get a classifier and a speed shoot in the same bay and four long courses.  Except for the one 25 round course, everthing else this year has bee 30+, so a mag change is still needed.

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