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PCC 25yd. Accuracy with coated 95gr.

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I am having a hard time getting good accuracy at 25 yards with the 95’s.

Tried N320 WSF TG so far

6” is all I can get.

Anybody getting tight groups?

What bullet /powder?

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Brazos 95gr. RN 1.023” .356
3.7gr E3 1345fps 127.8PF S&B primer
Nordic Components 16” w/MBX comp

also ran some Lee cast/coated .356
95gr. FP 1.02 COL 5.1 Gr. PV
1301fps 125PF S&B primer
Nordic 16” w/MBX

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Not the same bullet but I run the Eggleston Munitions 98 gr RN bullet sized at 0.357” over N-320 at 1.05” OAL. 


For USPSA I load 4.4 gr (PF138).  At 25 yds get under 2” with Taccom ULW barrel and a cloverleaf with 14.5” JP barrel. 


No problem nailing 8” plates at 100 yds with this load. 


Eggleston has sold their bullet making tools. Hopefully the new owner will offer the same bullets in the future. 


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Hello: First thing to check is if the bullet is hitting the comp. Next try upping the powder a little to get you to 140PF. That may help or it may open the spread up more. Lastly try a different bullet and see if that helps. Thank,s Eric

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Try not to put too much crimp on the bullets. I am using 124gr bullets under 3.7gr of titegroup and they group an inch at 25 yards. MPX PCC.

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