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650 powder leakage

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Common causes for 650 powder leakage?


Using titegroup to load 9mm, encountering too much leakage onto the shellplate and around press.  Not sure if it's coming from the powder drop or if the powder is being flung out of the cases when moving about the press.  


Where have you guys had issues?  

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I've had this issue with both rifle and pistol reloads.  I ultimately ended up putting a rubber band around the powder hopper and then looped it around the metal "tab" on the powder bar to bring the powder bar back towards the hopper faster.  So as soon as you relieve the pressure and begin your up stroke the bar is moving.  This has eliminated the after trickle I was seeing that over time would coat the shell plate and press with granules.  I'm sure there are other ways to accomplish this, but this was the easiest for me.  For pistol, I also taped off the spacer bar to eliminate the play between it and the powder drop bar.  To be honest though, I think the rubber band did more to eliminate the problem.

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Be sure that the powder bar fully travels to the opposite side of the powder measure BEFORE the handle bottoms out. If you try to minimize case flaring , it is possible that the powder bar is not going full travel. We suggest a minimum case flaring of .010" larger than a sized, unflared case mouth measures, to ensure complete movement of the powder bar.

 If the powder bar does not go completely over, then some powder remains in the cavity, and can vibrate out as the case is pulled off of the powder funnel.

Next, push down on the edge of the shellplate at station 4. If it feels springy, then the shellplate bolt needs to be a bit tighter. THis reduces any vibrations to the shellplate that can occur when the detent ball clicks into place.


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I just recently had this problem. After about 10-15,000 rounds on the press, powder everywhere at the end of the run. I didn't normally clean the powder funnel. I cleaned the powder bar but not the powder funnel. I took the powder funnel out and cleaned it inside and out with acetone and paper towels. Paper towel came out black the first pass. Worked on it until no more black, back to reloadingPoof, no more powder everywhere. And damn if the drop weights didn't get a LOT tighter too, best performance I've ever achieved, standard deviation 0.028 gr with average 5.53 gr after ten throws. (Measured on 4-place analytical balance.)


My best guess is case lube buildup on the powder funnel. Now I clean the powder funnel and the powder die at the end of every re-loading run.


That powder funnel looked awful rusty but they always do. I have the feeling it's the oxidizer in the powder, so there's nothing you can do about it. Doesn't seem to affect operation.

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