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Found my light strike issue


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I've been getting periodic light strikes on my Tac Sport open gun with Fed primers.  Figured it was time for a new hammer spring so I installed one last week and went to an indoor match.  Ran perfect for one run and on the second run had 3 light strikes in 28 rounds.  


Tonight I figured it was time for a new 9lb recoil spring and while I was at it I would change the firing pin spring.  Took everything apart and inspected the firing pin.  Good so far.  Getting ready to put the gun back together I picked up the roll pin and it didn't feel right.  Here is what I found:




There is a chunk missing out of the roll pin.  Didn't find the piece of metal.  Not sure where it went to.  It might have fallen out when I was disassembling and I didn't see it.  

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