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Laugo Arms Alien approved for IPSC Production

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I guess the rule book means nothing anymore;


Subsequently, the International Practical Shooting Confederation entered the gun on their list of approved models in Production Divison events.




From Recoil’s rangeday review;


The Alien employs what the company’s representatives term a “Hybrid Striker System.” They could instead call it the Easter Bunny, as both terms bear as much relationship as to what’s actually lighting off the primers, which is a hammer. It’s an upside-down, lightweight, CNC’d hammer, but a hammer nonetheless, housed along with its sear in the top rib. About the only thing striker-like about it is that the tail of the hammer strut pokes out of the gun’s arse end when cocked, just like in a Springfield XD, Canik, or all the way back to the 1907 Roth Steyr. But it’s a hammer. This distinction is important, as the Alien is being marketed as a competition pistol, aimed squarely at the USPSA Production and Carry Optics divisions, and unfortunately, having a hammer means it’ll have a hard time meeting the division rules...Of course, being equipped with a hammer, dropped by a single-action trigger, places the Alien in the same category as a 1911.




So when can we expect all the other hammer-fired SAO Guns to be approved for the Production and CO lists? The rule book is an absolute joke

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If I showed up to a match and lost in Production Division to someone shooting the only hammer-fired SAO pistol allowed in the division, I’d be pissed at the organizers.


So can STI build a full-bore 2011, call it a “hybrid striker system”, and get it approved for Production/CO?


What about a gun with a frame-mounted red dot and comp called the “hybrid production/limited system”? Is it just what companies label their guns now, or are we going to follow the rules as written?



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To be clear - I love creativity, innovation, and ingenuity. I’m ecstatic about someone thinking outside the box and coming up with a really genuinely unique, interesting design that seems to deliver some real benefits. If they made a slightly more compact version of the Alien and priced it right, I’d use it as a carry/defensive gun. That said, it should NOT be given an exception to the rules as written for competition. Let alone the negative bore axis and non-reciprocating sights, this gun will give an automatic advantage to anyone shooting it simply because of the firing mechanism. Either change the rules to allow every other pistol with that configuration to run in Production/CO, or follow the rules you’ve prescribed for everyone else and only allow it in Limited/Open

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15 minutes ago, dansedgli said:

If the trigger pull is over 3lbs which is what other striker guns can be what difference does it make? 




Given Recoil’s description, I doubt that’s the case;


And the best news is that its trigger pull is every bit as good as a 1911. To be specific, a Series 70 with Wilson guts, hand-tuned by a ’smith who knows what the f@ck he’s doing. Yeah, that good. While striker-fired guns have come a long way in terms of the quality of their triggers, the 1911 is still the gold standard, and the Alien emulates it in every way — crisp break, short, tactile reset, and once the initial takeup is passed, no sponginess in any way.


Even if it is, most of STI’s 2011 pistols come from the factory with a >3lbs trigger, but they’re still not allowed in Production/CO. The other manufacturers really ought to be the ones most pissed about this

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If there's anything I've learned from reading gun "reviews" it's that you need to take their gushing enthusiasm about every new item on the market with a massive grain of salt. Let's wait and see just how good/light the trigger on the Alien actually is.  It's super exciting though, and the first major innovation in pistols since striker-fired tupperware in the 70's.


And while I agree in principle about the concerns being raised in this thread, I'm not sure they'll actually have any practical effect on scores. It's pretty easy to see shooting a tuned Shadow 2 "should" give someone a distinct advantage over shooting a Glock 17, yet Glock shooters still routinely beat guys with $2500 custom Production pistols. Ultimately, the trigger has (IMHO) the least impact on a person's scores out of every "feature" of a gun.  The huge delta in scores between Production and Limited is really caused by mag capacity and the addition of a magwell - fewer and faster reloads. You see it time and time again.... people try out the new "hot" item and then report back here on the forum that they absolutely "love" their new gun/slide/optic/trigger/sear/whatever but under further investigation their splits/transitions/scores/hit factors don't really change.

Assuming the claims on the Alien wind up being true, does it offer a competitive advantage over other Production guns? Absolutely.
Dow the Alien belong in Limited? Probably.

Will it make any difference on scores? Doubtful.

Winners are still gonna win. Everyone else will fall in behind according to their talent/skill/effort/practice.

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26 minutes ago, Tirppa said:

Local dealer here in Finland said that pre orders are full'ish for the first shipment. So there will be takers. 

probably he advertised  price in italian lira



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  • 2 months later...
it's  not approved  for   CO  div.
but  it has hole in the barrel for lockup  mech.  but if u go directly by the  IPSC  law  it can't be even in standard  or prod. div. it's open gun.[emoji3]

It’s still approved for Production

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On 4/26/2019 at 8:32 AM, Matt1 said:


A mate of ours wants to shoot one in PDO just to add extra fuel to the emoji91.png

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Laugo Alien is only approved for IPSC Production division, NOT IPSC Production Optics or Production Optics Light divisions

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