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Which red dot?


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Hello: I am using a Holosun 507C on my Glock 17 and a Romeo 1 on my Sig P320x5. I like the Holosun alot with it's small dot size and option to use the circle. The Romeo for me has a large dot size since it is a 6 but looks like a 10. It also does not have a setting that is great for me when I shoot indoors. Low is too low and the next one up is a little too bright for me. The Romeo came with the pistol and I do like the larger glass on it. I have seen another Sig with the DPP but I have also seen some of those go down on open pistols. You may want to wait and see what Sig will be bringing out soon? Thanks, Eric

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On 4/22/2019 at 1:45 PM, BobRockefeller said:

If by Sig 17 you mean the M17, it is ready for the DeltaPoint Pro which seems good for competition (large window, but somewhat awkward brightness changes that are no big deal on the range).


Most reports suggest the DPP is second in reliability to the RMR.

+1 to this. The DPP is a great red dot with a large window and very clear glass. Awesome optic for CO and even Open.

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