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1st PCC match in USPSA

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So, I shot a local USPSA match yesterday and decided to shoot my GMR-15.  Mainly because I haven't got to shoot any 3gun lately and wanted some rifle practice.  I've shot a couple IDPA matches with the PCC, but this was my first USPSA match.  I've been horrible the last 5 years about not practicing so the first few stages were quite awkward.  But, as the match went on, it started to feel pretty darn good.  Gun/ammo ran 100%.  Had to do a couple reloads on the classifier and shoot weak handed.  Weak handed rifle shooting is a bitch for me because an eye injury gives me limited vertical gaze in my right eye and I'm a lefty.  Thankfully I was able to see the dot. 


Anyway, it was fun and I ended up 1st PCC/5th O/A out of 50+ shooters.  If you find yourself in the Fort Worth area, you need to try the Cross Timbers USPSA match at Triple C.  They are building some major match quality stages.


FWIW, I got to shoot my stock GMR-15 and one with the short stroke buffer side by side, prior to the match.  Honestly, I couldn't see/feel any difference.  Certainly not enough to spend another $100 bucks on the kit.  


And the Sitemark Lowpro laser was worthless in the bright daylight.

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Hello: Glad to had a chance to dust off your PCC. I have found the stock 4 weight JP buffer setup works very well if you tune it. You can short stroke it or lighten the weights and change the spring weight to match your reloads. I really don't see a need for the 5 weight JP short stroke setup. Besides I already have the 4 weight buffers. Get a better laser but I have found I am not using it that much anymore. I just look at the hits on paper and put more bullets down range if I am not hitting the target. Love those really big sticks for PCC. Thanks, Eric

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