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3Gun Shotshell Reloading Tips


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Coming from patterning loads when I shot trap and then using same loads as 3-gun, the actual amount of pellets on target with 1/8 difference in load is negligible. It actually matters more in trap/5-stand because you can break a bird with an extra few pellets, I wouldn't say the same for steel. Even so we went to 1oz and some to 7/8s for trap. I also have a MEC9000 and realistically, you can buy Walmart  1 1/8 shells and do just as well. There's lots more going on with velocity, trajectory, pattern, etc when shooting a bird moving along at 40mph vs a static piece of steel. I'm using reclaimed and homemade shot and it works as well as new lead in 3gun. You wont be reloading the volume you do with trap either. I reload because its fills the ADD-OCD in me. My favorite powders are e3 (17.5g, 1oz, DR XL1 wad, AA shell, Nobel Sport primer) and some tightwad I have right now (18.6g, 1oz, DR XL1, AA Shell, Cheddite primer). A 1oz load with a really fast powder makes for lesser recoil. I've tried 7/8 on steel and feel that is indeed light and requires a better pattern and more precise hit. Then again, I have some whomping 1 1/4 field loads (30g WSF) than will spin the spinner on  one hit!

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