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Latest revision of Darrell's Load data spreadsheet

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I did some ransom rest testing with my CZ TSO today with 145 Bayou Rn with Solo 1000 powder. I did some testing on the 13th also, with several loads and a few pistols too. Today I found the loads I previously tested were about 60-80 FPS faster, but I had the chrono at 2' instead of my normal 10' due to the range being busy and I didn't want to wait for it to go cold to set the chrono out farther. I was disappointed in how the Solo 1000 (Accurate brand I've had since 2010 laying around) performed with the 145 coated bullets, Sport pistol was better. I have to say today experiment had more to do with testing different OAL's instead of different powder charges. Sweet spot for this bullet seems to be 1.130"-1.135". This excel xlsx file is in zip format because it too large to upload to BE so you have to unzip it.

Darrell's Load Data rev 041919.zip

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Truly appreciate your load data!


Thank you Sir!

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