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9MM floor loads

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I'm looking for info on soft shooting USPSA floor loads. 

I am switching to Carry Optics for a while (kind of a dare) and will be loading for a G34 and a P320xr. 

I had developed an outstanding load spring combo for limited major in my P16 using tight group; 200gr/830fps/12lb recoil spring that shoots like a dream. I was wondering if such a combo can be had in 9mm as well.

Accuracy counts as well as soft recoil. 

I guess my goal is to make the dot move as little as possible.

Thanks in advance.     

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Posted (edited)

Most people find the heavier bullets, and fast powders are the key.


Try some 147 gr bullets and N320 or WW231 - very soft and very accurate

in my gun - you'll have to try them in Your Gun.     :) 


p.s.   Don't get carried away trying to load to 125.5 PF - that can end up

          "going sub-minor" and you can end up shooting for no score.   Most

          of us shoot for PF 132+.  You won't notice the difference during a match

          between PF 125 and PF 132, but you will make Minor PF every time.   And,

          knock down the steel more reliably.

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I shoot Carry Optics and here is my load. I have been shooting 147’s for a couple years now. I have a buddy that likes shooting 124/125 grain Bullets. They’re a little snappier but still soft. He feels like the dot tracks better. His PF runs in the 130 range.

Created: 08/04/18 09:12 AM
Description: CZ P09
Notes 1: 147 Cast HITEK Coated
Notes 2: 3.2 Sport Pistol Win SPP
Distance to Chrono(FT): 12.00
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.165
Bullet Weight(gr): 147.00
Temp: 59 °F
BP: 28.14 inHg
Altitude: 800.00
8 903 266.20 132.74
7 916 273.92 134.65
6 911 270.94 133.92
5 897 262.67 131.86
4 887 256.85 130.39
3 908 269.16 133.48
2 910 270.34 133.77
1 906 267.97 133.18
Average: 904.8 FPS
SD: 9.1 FPS
Min: 887 FPS
Max: 916 FPS
Spread: 29 FPS
Shot/sec: 0.4
True MV: 910 FPS
Group Size (in): 0.00

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I think I prefer 135 gr bullets for CO, good compromise between the snap of 124's and push of 147's. At least in my guns they feel better. Shoot for a power factor of 130-132 with Sport pistol, Tightgroup, or AA2 if you looking for better accuracy. The Bayou 135 coated round nose I use I've tested likes an OAL of 1.135". Work up a load with the powder you prefer.

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3.1 grains of Sports Pistol and a 147 grain FNRP Bayou Bullet seated to 1.135 /1.140 OAL with range brass equals a 129 PF out of my XDM 5.25.  Clean...accurate and soft recoil.

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Hello: I can give you a nice Glock 34 load that is accurate and also works in a G17. 147 grain Acme bullet, 3.1 grains Clean Shot, Federal Primers(I have a very light trigger), this gives me a 131-134PF in either the G17 or G34. My 135 load is Acme 135gr, 3.9gr HP-38(231), Federal small pistol primers. This 131-133PF. In the Glock I like the heavier bullets. In my 9mm 1911 I like the 124gr bullets. Thanks, Eric

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Been doing a lot of research and I'm definitely leaning towards the 147gr.  I'll be using Tightgroup as that is what I have.  I will also be looking into lighter recoil springs.  I already have 14lbs in both but will have to get a couple of calibration packs (11,12,13) from Wolff and play a bit.    

After a serious practice yesterday I think this is doable.  I cant wait to get them dialed in.

(gosh i love tinkering) 


Thanks for the replies, so far.   

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