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Manufactured Major PF Ammo Choices


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What is the best manufactured major PF ammo to buy for 38 Super Comp? 


The only two places I found were AtlantaArms and BigCountryTactical 

Atlanta Arms doesn't give out what ingredients they use - JHP

Big Country Tactical says they use CCI primers and VV 3n38 and Montana Gold CMJ


Anyone have tried any of these or which would be better to try?


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I have used the Atlanta Arms ammo in 38SC. The ammo was a hair over major pf in my guns. See if you can try before you buy. 


Other than that, the ammo used new Starline brass with a JHP bullet. No malfunctions and was accurate. 


Big Country Tactical looks promising. I would try them in the future. 

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I have shot approximately 1600 rounds Atlanta Arms ammo in 38SC in the past. I have never experienced any adverse issues whatsoever. This is very consistent ammo. At an outside air temperature of 87F, the ammo chrono'd to 170-173 PF over ten shot average with an extreme spread of 24 fps and a standard deviation of 7 fps. 

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12 hours ago, HI5-O said:

I have used the Atlanta Arms ammo in 38SC

When I started shooting 38 Super I did not have the reloading equipment for this caliber. So, I shot many Atlanta Arms 38 Super and Super comp with no issues.  My open gun had 2 popple holes so the PF came to about 169.  They are a great company to deal with. Keep shooting that until you start loading yourself.

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I tried AA 38sc ammo a few years ago and oddly enough it’s the only ammo I’ve ever shot out of my open gun where I experienced light strikes.  It was about one out of every 100 rounds.   They seem to be a reputable company so it had to be something on my end.

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