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Bull barrel top end


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53 minutes ago, twister said:

I shoot a CZ Tactical Sport Orange in PPC and Action Pistol, and would like to find out if the bull barrel top end would be a worthwhile upgrade to my pistol? Thanks for your help on this, Dave.

47.5oz not heavy enough for you?  i have a hunch once you shoot it both ways it will be hard to tell the difference... and someone will have to fit it to the frame.. and trim the dust cover.  now.. if you have 2 TSOs and one is getting lonely it makes a bit more sense.

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Just now, twister said:

I was hoping there was another benefit from the bull barrel besides weight. The gun is heavy enough, just thought there might be another benefit from the top end.

bull barrels for recoil and precise lock up - right?
if your TSO barrel locks up good and the bushing is still tight and the slide to frame fit is tight I don't think you will see much difference. if the bushing if worn out i'de consider an accubushing upgrade.

also for recoil management.. grips matter a lot. thumb rests matter.  Im just now messing with a nitrofin and alexrest. the nitrofin cut my muzzle rise in half with 40sw @ 165PF. alexrest is next on eval which im thinking helps on the side to side movement -  forcing the muzzle movement straight up and down (if I can remember to keep constant pressure with my support hand when exiting a position)


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