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Automating the Case/Media Separator tumbling?

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I'm reloading 9mm on a 650XL, with a case feeder.  To clean my brass, I'm using a Vibratory Case Cleaner and then tumbling that media in a CM-2000 Case/Media Separator (http://www.dillonprecision.com/cm-2000-case-media-separator_8_8_23662.html) to get the media out of the cases.  


I'm finding that I need to tumble the cases in the CM-2000 for a while, at least 15-20 minutes, to get all of the media out of them.  If there is even just a small amount of media remaining in a case, it commonly will  end up getting into my case feeder and causing a jam.  So I'm looking for options to be more thorough in that media separation step, ideally while also requiring less of my dedicated time. I'm wondering if/how I could connect a motor to the CM-2000 to automate the tumbling process?


I've only been reloading for a year, so I'm fairly new to the process.  With all of the creativity I've seen for automating and streamlining the reloading process, I wonder if anyone else has tackled this issue before?  I searched the forum but didn't find anything, feel free to point me to other threads if indeed this has been covered.  Many thanks in advance!

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I would start using a larger grain media so that it don’t get into the small places such as primer pockets. I’ve had the same problem, with what I am using now it only takes a minute or two to get it all out of the brass.

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1 hour ago, JohnStewart said:

I wonder if anyone else has tackled this issue before?

What I do to avoid media sticking in the brass is after I turn the handle on the seperator for several turns I physically pick up the seperator and shake it very hard over the pan. I have found it removes all the media. No need for any additional steps. Hope this helps.

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If you don't want to use pins, do your wet tumbling with brass juice. Even faster and easier than pins, who are collecting dust now.


When i dry tumbled, I never had to turn the separator that long. Maybe 15-20 seconds, back and forth. Pistol cases are even easier to do than rifle. I would definitely look at your media and look for something a little bigger.

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