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First big match with the Longslide

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I'm bummed that the L isn't USPSA Production Division legal yet, since they are only making top-ends, but I really wanted to shoot it at Area 6, so I said F it--and changed my division to Limited-10.  As you all know, a striker-fired 9mm pistol is at a bit of a disadvantage in L-10, where most competitors are using a 2011 down-loaded to 10 rounds, but I did it anyway.  I am more impressed every time I shoot it--love it!  I may just change my division for the Georgia State match, and go all out shooting Limited Division.


[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pllSE01YtqI]2019 Area 6 Championship[/url]

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I don' have that problem as I shoot IDPA.  That long slide kit has worked out very well for me.  Originally I thought there would be a problem with the front sight as most of my front sights are the narrow Dawson Precision but I have had no problems with the larger fiber optic sight that is on it. 

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