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3N38 - Out of Stock

Big Guy

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3 minutes ago, Big Guy said:

Anyone knows what is the deal with 3N38 in 4-lb containers?


I've been looking for 3-4 weeks and no one seems to have any.




It only comes into the country a few times a year so you need to buy as much as you can afford when it does show up. V V is good powder but this one of the pitfalls of being hooked on it.

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1 hour ago, Big Guy said:

Any updates on where to get 3N38 in 4-lbs kegs?

In the past I have emailed powder valley and asked them when the spring shipment was expected in. They were pretty accurate on guesstimating.

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You can:

A.  pay a premium for 1lb cans of 3n38

B.  try N350- lots of 4lb available. You will have a hard time distinguishing this from 3n38

C.  try another manufacturer 


i have opted for plan C

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