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RTS2 Question


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28 minutes ago, scooterj said:

Mine will turn but dot doesn’t move unless the lock is disengaged. 


hmm, I'll have to take it to the range and test that.


Whats strange is, the left/right adjustment has a solid click and moves when locked, but is harder to turn. The up/down adjustment has a very faint click and spins freely when locked


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They 'can' be turned.  You will be pushing the stop plate through the clamping from the lock screw.  Not a good thing.  The windage will go counterclockwise (poi left) and do nothing because there is no positive engagement that direction, just a return spring that normally won't overcome the lock screw.

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On 4/17/2019 at 4:54 PM, bigbob21 said:


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Just as an FYI the instructions that came with my RTS2 doesn’t have the bit about the locking screw. 


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