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Par time?


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Since I really don't shoot IDPA that much anymore I was wondering did they do away with part-time stages I ask this because I want to set up a stage and give it a part-time but I'm not sure I can do that anymore like I said the rules has changed so much I need a little help here

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Tricky timing on movers and activators is essentially a par time stage hahaha. Especially single facing drop turners or bobbers. Scored best 3 hits.

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On 5/9/2019 at 9:46 PM, waktasz said:

I joined in 04, I thought that was pretty good

Yeah.  I liked the rules when I joined (late in '02.... Beach Bunny's first state match scored was the '03 California).

The brown rulebook came out in 2005 (which did away with par time and invented ESR).

All of that was before the Tigers reinvented things.


I was never nearly as active as you are, though.  And don't think I ever shot a par time IDPA stage. 


I let my membership lapse after the rulebook that dropped FTN and introduced the flagrant.


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Par time standards stages were very common in the early days of IPSC because timers hadn't been invented yet. :) They used a stopwatch and a whistle. They lined up however many shooters they could get in a wide bay and everybody shot at the same time with SO's watching for overtime shots. This carried over into IDPA also for a time.

Before par time was banned in IDPA, one local club used to run a 90 second par time house clearing stage each month. IIRC, if you shot down zero and under the par time, your score was 90 seconds. Points down added to your score along with whatever time over the par. It was always a fun stage.

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