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Dillon xl650 head alignment help

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I broke the indexing ring on. My 650 and ended up having to tear the whole thing down to replace it. After I reassembled it, I noticed that the priming assembly rod was slightly off and almost brushing against the shellplate on one side. 


After researching online, I ordered the alignment tool from Dillon which I've tried using a few times now based on the instructions supplied. It has made the alignment of the priming rod more centered but it's still not perfectly centered. 


Can anyone provide any tips on how to get better alignment? I tried pulling it over as far as possible before tightening the 2 bolts but it seems to still be slightly off. 

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Make sure you dropped the alignment tool through a powder die, make sure it is adjusted all the way down and the primer seater should be removed off the press. The goal is to raise the platform and not have the alignment tool move upward in the powder die when it enters where the primer seater cavity.  Snug the platform hex bolts up tight enough that the platform will not move easily. Once you get the platform perfectly aligned with the alignment tool in the tool head tighten at least one of the hex head bolts up the rest of the way with the platform in the raised position so it doesn't move on you.  Lower the platform and tighten the other bolt. Recheck the alignment with the tool after this and if good reassemble the press. 

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9 hours ago, Sigguy552 said:

Ddc, that's the same issue I'm having. I will try the method noted above and report back


Yes, the next time I need to do this I will follow that strategy.

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