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Sig P210 with optic


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New here so be easy on me.   I know most here don't even like the idea of a red dot on a P210 but for me it's required.   I can no longer get the potential accuracy from a firearm with open sights.    EGW makes a mount that is great for the P210 with out changing anything on the pistol.   I attached a target with open sights on left and red dot on right shot at 15 yards off a rest.     Yes they are 2 different factory loads but believe me its my eyes.     So anyone wanting a red dot on they're P210 now has a option. 

Also has anyone had a problem with Sigs ammo.   The picture below is Sigs split open    One was split with their factory load and the other 2 was 1 mild reload.




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Have you had any of those split in other guns or just that p210?  Perhaps it is something with that barrel specifically?


I have only fired some of their minor power factor competition themed ammo and it seemed very high quality and I had no such issues.  


Nice p210 btw.

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I have fired 1500+ rounds with Starline (1000), American Eagle (400), and Sig.    No problem except Sig ammo.   This is my first 9mm.    They were accurate, the above 1 hole target was 8 rounds of Sig 115gr. at 15yd with red dot.

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