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What Front/Rear sight width combinations do you like for ICORE?


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First match of the year and I did OK but I notice my revolver does not have as much light around the front sight as my semi guns.
I was just wondering if this is a good or bad thing.
I have a .125 front with a .145 rear!

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I'm running a .100 front and I'm looking for a .110-.115 rear.

I like my front blade to be narrower than the target. On small plates or distant targets, I can simply put the sight on the target. With fatter fronts I need to take the time to center the sight of the target.

I find it easier to call my shoots at speed if I have a tighter notch with .010 - .015 of light coming thru. It makes sight alignment errors look worse than they do with a wider notch.

I'm 48 and I don't see the serrations on the front blade like I used to. The smaller sight combo is letting me get the info I need off from the increasingly fuzzy sights.

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