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May be moving to the Iowa City area.  Looks like West Liberty is the closest club for USPSA.  Are there any other matches/disciplines around?


Also any advice on where to live?  Need to be no more than 20-30 minutes from the University of Iowa.


Laws look decent, I believe I can bring my suppressors and SBRs, don't have a MG yet which looks like a no go anyway.  From what I can tell standard mags are kosher across the whole state.  Any law issues I should know about?

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Welcome from Cedar Rapids!


West Liberty has USPSA, Steel challenge and 3-gun

Eastern Iowa Practical Shooters (EIPS) is an indoor club (about 30 mins north of IA City)

Woodland and IOP clubs (share a range) about an hour south from IA City

Black Hawk Pistol Club north of IA City (1.5 hr drive)

Dubuque USPSA is about 1.5 drive north

Ankeny USPSA, IDPA and Steel Challenge and indoor USPSA about 1:45 to your west


I'm attempting to keep track of most of the USPSA club matches on the EIPS calendar here: https://sites.google.com/view/easterniowapracticalshooters/schedule?authuser=0


Precision Rifle Series near Mt Auburn, IA (about 1:15 north of IA City).


I like short commutes so I'd probably pick living nearer IA City.  South or east sides of IA City are good bets, north side (North Liberty) is in between IA City and Cedar Rapids so housing prices go up in that area with commuters.


Laws are good.  Suppressor and SBR friendly.  High capacity mags are good to go.


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Yep, ditto. I'm in Cedar Rapids (soon to be leaving) but if you really enjoy shooting I'd live on the East side and have a shorter commute to West Liberty. Always enjoy shooting there. Kind of a haul from CR, but since CRAPS died, everything outdoors is. 


North Liberty is the new hot suburb. Coralville was, now it's enormously built-up so they're moving farther north. South of IC is going to be your best best for acreages, but just know people commute a LONG ways to get to the hospital, which does run shuttles depending on your hours. My wife works there, so if you have any specific questions, feel free to shoot me a PM. 


Housing in IC is expensive, but will hold its value really well and be super convenient in the winter/if you're on call, etc.

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