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Load data 45acp minor with Titegroup


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I am looking for load data using Hodgen Titegroup powder only.

I have been using TG for decades for my uspsa/ipsc single stack major loads.

I also thinned out my herd years ago and only shoot & load what I carry.(45acp single stack)

This load will be used for the following:

1.  My 1911 colt with my Trijicon RMR 06 

2. Shooting major power factor loads for several hundred rounds per session wears on my arthritis

3.  This will be used also as a varmit pistol for my 82 yr old Dad on his farm as old eyes & 22lr is not effective.

4.  New shooters & some women don't care for the major power factor blast.


I did some testing and the lowest I got (reliability & accuracy)was 3.8gr TG

230gr sns red bullets, 1.250" oal, .470" crimp with a 12# recoil spring.

Perhaps a lighter bullet or ?



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Thank You

I tested my loads under less than ideal conditions. It was sub zero, windy, standing in a snowbank with light rain...lol

I probably had a bit too much grease in the top end along with the added weight of the rmr and very cold...





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Missouri Bullet Co. makes a 155 swc coated with 5.5 titegroup gave 850 f/s 130pf, Acme makes a 175 swc coated with 4.2 claydot was 730 f/s 129pf, Bayou has a 185 swc coated with 4.3 titegroup for 730 f/s and 134 pf.  All 3 are H&G 68 profile SWC which usually feed as well as hardball in a 1911.  IBEJ also has a coated 185 rn but the 500 I ordered were not sized at all and I never got a good chrono reading on any loads, I used an old sizing die that was .450? as half of the rounds wouldn't even chamber before I sized them.

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More options Thanks...

I loaded some sns lswc at 3.8gr TG with a 10# recoil spring (1.250" oal' .470 crimp, wlp & mixed brass),that were very accurate & soft shooting out to 40yds.

3.0gr & 3.2 gr TG with 185gr lswc shot well but the brass wouldnt eject, perhaps an 8# recoil spring?

3.4 to 3.6gr TG shot well but brass ejecting was hit or miss.

I am going to try the 155 swc load.

What recoil spring weight do you recommend?

My hammer spring is 18#  with a 14# recoil spring for my USPSA loads.




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Update for those wanting a soft 45 acp load /5" Colt 1911, wilson 8rd mags.

* 3.0gr TG

 *185gr sns swc

*1.270" oal

*.470" crimp

*WLP & mixed brass

*8 lb recoil spring

*18 lb main spring

*Superlube & mobil 1 synthetic oil

Incredibly soft shooting 

100 % feed & eject

Very accurate out to 40yds.

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