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2018 LC BlueCoat & Henning Flat Trigger Reset Issue

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I have a out of box new2018 Limited Custom and my first SA witness.

Installing the Henning flat trigger went as well as I could expect, however its not resetting properly.

Otherwise functions as intended, generous pre and over travel seems adjusted properly after some basic tinkering

My trigger-transfer-bar pin doesn't protrude and depressing the lifter is smooth, i do notice the transfer-bar sits further back on the lifter than a stock trigger,

The included lifter spring appears properly installed and I might say that the trigger just feels like its being squeezed from the sides...

While removing the factory trigger roll pin for 4th or 5th time it popped thru and i noticed my 3/32 punch allows the trigger to reset properly and i might add very effortlessly.

With the punch installed everything works as intended and smoothly, very impressed, except the pin punch sticking out the side..

When I reinstall the original trigger roll pin it again does not reset properly. Still digging for a new roll pin, but would like to hear any ideas. I tried to compress it lightly without deforming and polished it lightly, without success.

Thanks in advance, a great answer is likely on the end of phone call to Henning, but why bother the man if yall can help!

good things take time!


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Iam also running the henning flat trigger, definitely sounds like you have your issue figured out, I got rid of my factory trigger roll pin quite sine time ago, I now use one from the local hardware store, length was perfect and it’s way easier to punch in and out than the factory one. 

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Have you tried with the pre -travel and over-travel fully adjusted in?  just to help narrow down what the issue maybe, this could be a quick way to eliminate possible causes. also is the reset issue after you have fully assembled after adjustment?  i can say that for mine, i only would adjust based on it fully assembled to get the right pre and over travel for mine.


but if you are sure it is the pin, i ordered spare from PD website in the past, quick shipping.

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> Have you tried with the pre -travel and over-travel fully adjusted in? 

yes, the first install was dry (no locktite) and zero pre and over settings, knowing i would be reinstalling several times, had i known my 3/32 Lyman pin head punch would fit i would have tested with this more!


> from the local hardware store

I dug and found #301707 (#3.2) a brand new trigger pin, installed and same (or worse) its definitely the pin..

I wonder if a trip to the local small box screw section isnt great advice.. its always the way!


will report back with results, thank you!

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Is it hard to get the trigger pin in? or should say have you tried out of the gun with just the trigger and pin to see if the trigger binds on the pin, mine is factory and has smooth and action, i did polish the heck out of it, but before i did, it still had no issues binding.

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> have fully assembled after adjustment?

yes, this is also good advice, with the extra mass it does move things better


>Is it hard to get the trigger pin in?

no, it goes in without issue, when i started i would leave it installed in the frame while working and only after the 3-4h removal did it pop out and i realized using the punch as the pin everything working perfectly. my ah-ha moment!


i put the new replacement back in my stash, took the original trigger roll pin to the vice and clamped down on it with medium-full force without deforming, reinstalled and within a few minutes had it working 10-20% of the time, if i continue to slim it down then polish I would bet it will work.


i do think i am going to order a nice selection of replacement pins.. and a trip to my local hardware store.. still on this problem!

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