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Tanfoglio slide and barrel peening


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I figured that peening is not on critical side.

If I understand correctly, this side of lugs, do nothing during opening and closing of "action".

When gun is in locked position action is rock solid.


On the side where barrel and slide makes contact during cycling all edges are 90 degres.


So i am good (i hope) :D

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I inserted two pictures of the barrel locking lugs from my primary.  it's a fairly new slide/barrel, about 12-14 months and it has a full season of uspsa, steel challenge and practice. Total rounds about 15,000.  When i got it, it had an issue where it wasn't locking "correctly", most of the visible wear was from before correcting that issue.  there is some rub wear too, but it is still accurate.


The OP's gun has similar  to worse wear after a couple hundred rounds.


Something is not correct and should be  looked into. Just my opinion, but if you want it to last the expected 50k+, looking into it might be wise.



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Hello. Thank you for your replay.

I have put arround 150 round thru it this weekend. Barrel and slide are the same. I hope it was just inital break in or bad manufacturing.

I will keep an eye on it and hope it will stay like this.

I really do not want to deal with Tanfoglio warranty here in Europe. I think I would be without a gun for a quite a long time and at the end it will probaby be "my fault".


I have checked my Stock 3 which has close to 20k rounds thru, it has the same peening, but I do not know if it is like this from the beginning.


Thank you for all your help!


Best regards,


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is it just the pic angle and shadowing or does it look like the rear lug is dragging upon the slide for some distance as its lowering and unlocking?   The lugs are not clearing the slide as it unlocks and lowers?  Looks like the 12oclock +/-5min to each side on the lug is dragging.   Maybe its just the image?

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This might be a case, but maybe it is just my fault draging up and down everything for quite a few times trying to find out if barrel is locking completly :D

I had range session again today and I clean everything, "wear" on lugs is the same as it was. Gun has now close to 500 round thru it and I think (I hope) it will be good.


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