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40 S&W Coated 170/175 SWC


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I had issues with Bayou SWC’s  in my 2011.  They don’t feed the best when the gun gets dirty due to its shape.  Also loading rounds into my MBX mag (heavy springs!) with the uplula.  When the round gets pushed into the mag sometimes the arm of the loader will press on the case where the lube groove is underneath. I’ve had 2 rounds where that pressure lifts up the case and won’t feed.  Once was a major match where I flew under the cooper tunnel and #}##%*%#!!!!!!! 

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I've run literally 10,000 175 Bayou's and they feed in my guns SS and Limited as well as any TC bullet.

Accuracy is excellent and the SWC holes are beautiful !!! LOL

I load them to 1.200 OAL and the 200RN to 1.180.  The 175's run smoother at longer OAL in my guns.


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Acme Bullets just released a .401" 170gr SWC that I've been using with very good results so far this year.

Weight is a little low, about 166-168gr, but that's why I weighs samples regularly... so I'm not surprised at chrono.

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