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HELP NEEDED-Shadow 2 Short reset disconnectorPROBLEM

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Hi goodfellas,


Few hours ago I installed short reset disconnector on my CZ Shadow 2.

In DA mode hammer travels to aproxim. point of half cocked position and falls. 

In SA mode reset is short and crisp (like it should be).


Since that I have match in 2 days ... please help.





Sorry for not using search engine ..... currently in panic mode😢

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Additional note 


When on a half cockd position with engaged safety ..... trigger shoe can go freely full motion

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Check the reset screws first or take them off and test your trigger again. If it still happens, then you need to do some fitting on the disco. Do some search for disconnector fitting and use that as a guide.


Just go slow and test it every time you remove some material.i have to do that on my Shadow 2 after installing it.



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