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Extra rounds on target

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Shooting  a 6 shot revolver, especially with speed loaders means that I burn / make up shots frequently depending upon stage design

and my accuracy that day.

Or when engaging an activator.

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I assume this question specifically relates to performing a tac-reload vs emergency reload. Answer: Depends. Can you reload from slide lock faster than you can with retention? 
Generally speaking. Yes taking a 'makeup shot' is beneficial.


Not pertaining to the reload, I would still answer yes. Especially with long shots and the 1 sec per point down rules.

Scenario: You shot a down 3, Can you realize the hit, asses, and take a makeup shot in less than 2 seconds to get a -1 hit?

I feel that the answer is going to be 'Yes'

I dont think I've willingly done a tac-reload since 2014. 

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