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MBX Mega 9 Magazine Extension?

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Not thinking clearly I ordered one of these and installed it on a Glock Long magazine 31 rounds I think.

It works great and with no problems but it is really long.

Will it only work on the 31 round magazine? Can I install it on a 17 rounder?

Does it require a new spring and is one available.


Local matches I shoot almost always have a mandatory magazine change in a regular stage and I don't need that big of a magazine.


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MBX "Dual Purpose" Mega extension for Glock Style Magazines

Now offering the "Dual Purpose" Mega extension. The MBX Mega extension has been a very popular product used on the Glock style 31 round tube, but we have seen a use for it to be used on a Glock style 17rd short tube. This gives the user options of capacity and overall length to suit their personal liking.


When used on a short 17rd tube, it gives you 43 rounds.


We have engraved capacity witness lines and reference numbers for both short and long tubes. Comes with a 22-coil spring specifically to be used with the 17rd tube with the option upon checkout to purchase an additional 28-coil spring so you can use it on both short and long tubes.


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