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ZEV Ultimate Fulcrum - Firing pin safety does not work


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Hey guys,


When loading my Glock it occurs that my Glock's firing pin looks slightly through the firing pin hole. Often the firing pin even blocks the first bullet from being loaded.


Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3


It seems that the firing pin safety does not work as desired…


Has anyone had the same issue?

Is this a common problem?

Any idea how to get rid of this nasty problem?

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With gun cocked and trigger forward look up inside magwell, retract slide a little, safety should not move. If the Zev trigger tried to remove take up the trigger has moved to rear, if it is too far it will raise the safety. Sometimes manufacturers will grind away a little flat spot on vertical extension so the trigger bar can be move to rear without raising safety. Then you hope your not off the drop safety. My advice is go back to stock and if problem goes away then the Zev trigger is at fault. All these manufacturers who claim to remove take up sometimes makes the gun unsafe by defeating some or all of the safeties. You only can remove so much take before getting into trouble. When that slide comes forward the trigger sear should have contacted the firing pin lug.  If you have a armorers tool plate the trigger sear should at least cover two thirds of the  firing pin lug, better is one hundred per cent. If you don’t know what your doing take it to someone that does.

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