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Nordic AR9 ?

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Hello, I just recently bought an Nordic Compnents AR9 Carbine. I have been shooting some Acme 147gr coated bullets with it. The gun shoots well but occasionally a sliver of lead will fall out the barrel when I shoot. Does anyone have any ideas what would cause this?

Thank you

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Details on your OAL?
What length does the bullet hit the lands?
What OAL are you loading your rounds?
Load a mag and manually cycle the full mag, was it smooth? Any marks on any bullets that hit the lands (not good)?
Lead slivers come from bullets obviously. So there is not a lot of causes to investigate.
I run .356 bullets in my Nordic.
What diameter are your 147s?
Do you have leading in your barrel??

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I would make sure you are flaring the case mouth sufficiently and not over crimping. Take a few of your loaded bullets apart to inspect the actual projectile for signs of shaving the coating while seating or over crimping.

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