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Need PN for Czechmate thread insert for C-more


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The optic mount that comes with the Czechmate uses two thread inserts to attach the C-more sight.  Seems that one of these inserts is missing from my pistol.  Looking for a part number  and/or place to purchase replacement from. 



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3 hours ago, my00wrx1 said:

Try contacting Robin Sebo at Sebo Weapons, he may be able to help. 

Good suggestion, thanks! 

BTW, I contacted CZ-USA they don't keep those inserts in stock and don't have the PN info to be able to order replacements.

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if you can find a machine shop or garage that does a lot of really small hardware work there's a thing called a 'time-sert' that can repair missing threads like a helicoil but stronger as it's a fully threaded sleeve.  we use them all the time at work, usually in well used aluminum housings.  i never looked that closely at my mount to see if that's what they already use but it's possible if the threads are steel.  

there's also a 'big-sert' which can replace a pulled out 'timesert' already repaired so there's options.  i'd offer to fix it if i had the kit but we don't have thread kits that small.

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