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Dillon 1050 primer depth control rod

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I have a Dillon 1050 press.  I got it set up from the factory in 38 special.  Worked perfectly.  I converted to 9MM and have been having a bunch of issues.  I have all but one figured out.  The issue is that the primer depth control rod is backing out (up).  I adjusted the rod by turning it in so the primers are set to the proper depth.  About a 1,000 rounds in I noticed high primers.  So, I put adjusted the rod to the proper spot and left Allen wrench in the rod, indexed it to a spot where I could tell if it was moving and started loading.  About three hundred rounds later the rod backed out almost a quarter of a turn.  There is no locking mechanism for the rod so I am at a loss on how to keep the rod from turning. 


Anyone have a trick to keep the rod from backing out?

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I would put a product on the threads IF I had that issue.
Loctite or Vibratite.
I have 3 tool heads in 9/40/45 for my 1050 with an Ammobot and I have never run into this issue.
I bought a steel toolhead with an extra station and that tool head has a recessed primer Allen setscrew, and an additional setscrew to assist with locking it in place.

You could replicate this setup.

Call Dillon.

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I've had this happen too, with Mark 7 automation. I assumed years of high speed and the occasional jam just wore on the threads making them sloppy.  Loctite worked. also suggest inspecting the entire assembly in this linkage: the tappet, the rocker arm, and the primer punch and primer punch bushing to make sure they appear in good condition, because all of these share the load of this part of the process. But if you just changed over to 9mm from .38 I assume your parts are relatively new....


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I also have this issue from time to time.  It also seems like the deeper I try to seat primers the more likely the bolt holding the rocker arm to the press will begin to back out.  The result is partially seated primers and a little disassembly/reassembly.

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