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Witness P Match 9mm - thoughts?


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First, sorry if this is a double post - I tried searching but the combination of "Witness" and "Match" turns up quite a few hits.


I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Witness P Match (the single-action version)?






I'm specifically interested in the shape and size of the frame. As an individual of the sausage-fingered variety, I tend to have problems shooting the larger-framed EAA's and even some CZ's. Obviously the metal frame guns will be better for recoil mitigation but I'm not overly concerned about it in a nearly-2lb 9mm platform. Any other thoughts appreciated!

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I purchased a Witness P Match Pro three months ago. It is a joy to shoot. I'm a small guy so I had a short Hennings flat trigger installed. I also put in an 8 lb. recoil spring (I shoot factory 9 mm).


I am very happy with performance so far. I'm new to competitive pistol shooting and the Match Pro helps with the learning curve. I can trust to pistol to shoot where it is pointing. Now I just have to learn how to point it better!

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