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Who makes a coated bullet in a .357 dia?

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The 0,358's from Blue will probably work the KKM or Nolin arm's barrel will help to, For the USPSA or IDPA game factory barrel should give you what you need. Good luck hope your new Ibejiheads give you what you want. I have a couple guns that prefer a certain bullet they shoot OK with most but perfect with the right combo.

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Acme will size them. Minimum 1000 Bullet order. Most ppl in our field aren’t ordering under 1000 anyway so not a big deal. Email in with order number and it will take longer I’ve been told. 1-2 weeks. Seems reasonable and best priced coated I’ve found. 

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On 3/27/2019 at 8:15 AM, CTJer said:

Would I be better served to pick up a new barrel?




Note:   I’ve run these loads through a CZ Shadow 2 and the group is about 2” at 20yds.  (6-8” with gen 4 G17)

I run a KKM barrel and I can shoot 2" groups at 25 yds using 147 gr Blue Bullets 

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