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GMR 15 Bore Guide

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My GMR has had 4 o 5 cleanings in two years so far using a 30 cal rod carefully and double patches out front to prevent the rod from scratching/rubbing but i wannna play it safe and get a guide.


Any suggestions as to which guide is the best for the GMR? JP reccomends theirs so im assuming its the Blue 30 cal one not the .223.


Any other suggestion will be appreciated.



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I’m in the boresnake  and rarely to never clean my pcc. Before switching to jhp, I had to clean every 500ish rounds. My comp would get clogged and dot track would be awful. Now that I use jhp,  I’ll clean if I get a malfuntion. Since switching to jhp I’m four matches (uml and uspsa), three range sessions and 1000-1500 deep. Friday to start my range day i rezeroed at 25yd with a red dot. I shot a dime size three shot group at 25yd. (2 shots 1 hole cleanest double I have evidence of) Sunday I had a uml match and was hitting 8”-10” plates at 100-140yd. Cleaning every shot imo is overrated 

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