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Travel Squib Rod


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1/4” threaded rod inside thin walled rubber tubing all bought at Lowe’s or HD gun barrel length +3” 


 I have an aluminum Kubotan from Monadnock as a key ring it is 6” x 1/4” diameter and threaded for brushes have had it for 30+ years Mas Ayoob used to suggest them to his 4” carry gun crowd and I can say it works great. 

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Slide it down the barrel for ultimate compact storage.


Also... to be frank, I’ve had exactly one squib in 12 years of reloading 50-100k rounds, and it was 50 rounds after installing my bulletfeeder while figuring things out.


I haven’t had a squib rod of any kind in the 4,000 rounds I’ve shot PCC with.

 I am just now realizing I don’t have a squib rod long enough, as I read this, because it’s just not a factor.


What are you doing reloadingwise that has you so squib-conscious?


In the ultra-rare event that I have one on the road, I’m pretty sure I could round one up from a fellow shooter in an emergency. 👍


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