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Need new bullets for start of season...


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So I've been using Eggleston Munitions for the past couple of seasons and really liked how they ran in my gun. 


Unfortunately it looks like EM is changing ownership and has halted their production as they do so. 


I'm looking for a company that has a similar bullet profile and is .400 


.401 won't feed well in my gun. 


Any suggestions would be welcome. I think I've got a pack of Blue Bullets to try. 


I have enough loaded from last season for the first 2 matches and enough bullets to load for another 2 matches. So I have some time to fine tune load data if it's different from what I was previously getting. 


I am currently running EM 180 gr bullets, .400.

1.18ish +/- .005 or so OAL, with 4 gr Ramshot Competition. 



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Blue Bullets work really well for me. I really like them and am on my second case of them for 40cal. I have decided to switch for all my blaster cartridges and picked up cases of 9mm and 45cal. I like them that much...as if that means anything haaha. But they perform very well and the price is fantastic. The discounts help too. I've noticed that they fly a bit faster than the BBI and Xtremes that I was using before and can drop my powder charge by a tenth.


My data is very similar to yours. I run 4.1gr Competition loaded to 1.2" out of a 5.4" barrel and it clocks in 169pf.


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20 minutes ago, Czgunsalot said:

I’ve used both blue bullets and ibejiheads.


only difference is Ibeji the coating doesn’t transfer onto your hands like blues will


Old info...  Blues do NOT transfer onto your hands since they incorporated an additional step in their process.  

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