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Sling Adaptor for Benelli M2?


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My current first-world problem:

I want a 1-1/4" sling mounted at 6-o'clock on my Benelli M2. (Yes, I really do. I'm not asking whether this is a good idea.)

I have an extended magazine, so the sling swivel at the front of the OEM magazine nut/cap is gone.

I have the Benelli OEM "tactical" sling adaptor that's a ring clamped between the magazine nut and forend, but it's a 1" slot for a 1" sling.

Ideally, somebody would make something similar for a 1-1/4" sling, but I can't see that anybody does. (No, I do NOT want the sling to the side.)

I'm trying to avoid something convoluted like a section of rail with a sling mount bolted to it.

Please advise...

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On 3/25/2019 at 3:30 AM, GunCat said:


Gosh, that would be perrrrrfect...  If it fit a Benelli.  Will it?


I'm not unwilling to grind on it to make it fit, but would I be better off with the version for the 870 or for the 1187?



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Typo... 1100 vs. 1187.
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On 3/25/2019 at 3:30 AM, GunCat said:


Well, thanks for nothing... 


The circle is far smaller than the Benelli circle, so I can't see how it's going to fit.  Benelli's endcap must be far larger than Remington's. 


Now I'm back to 1" slings.  Sigh...

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