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Help with Molle panel for regular belt use. A "Partial Battle Belt"

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I am having no luck finding something and hope someone can help.
I am looking for a semi stiffened panel with MOLLE/PALS webbing on the outside and with belt loops on the belt side or a "tunnel" for a belt to thread thru.

Like this but with only 3 panels.

The idea being I can keep my competition belt using Tek-Lok components and holster on my strong side as usual, but slide on a "panel" of 2-3 mags when I am competing with a .308 rifle.
I already have the pouches, I just want a panel to re-purpose them.

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Find a shooter friendly upholstery shop or awning shop and draw it out for them 

might luck out and find an air soft or paintball guy on staff. 

I used to do all sorts of odd jobs like that in the off season back when I did the canvas thing. Converted an old Ernie Hill belt to a 2 belt Velcro setup back in 1990 and a custom pink gun cover for a gal who wanted one 

  Their machines should be heavy enough to either make or modify and existing panel 


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